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Jazzmaster Guitars

Jazzmaster Guitars
Thought intended as an upscale "Jazz" guitar, this instrument never quite found a home there. Instead, you were much more likely to hear the Fender Jazzmaster Guitar on numerous surf and rock instrumentals in the '60s, new-wave chart-toppers in the '70s, and alternative hits in the '80s. Never quite as popular as its brothers the Tele and Strat, the Jazzmaster has always found its own niche. Typically, this guitar featured two vintage soapbar pickups in a contoured alder body with offset waist. The neck featured a 21-fret rosewood fingerboard. Unique to the Jazzmaster is its switchable lead and rhythm circuits and floating tremolo with Tremolo-Lock. The body style was carried over to the Jaguar which appeared in 1962.

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