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Stratocaster Guitars

Stratocaster Guitars
Probably no other guitar says Rock and Roll more than the Fender Stratocaster. But that almost did not happen. When first introduced in 1954, the Strat provided guitarists with a sound never heard before, crisp and clear, bell-like in tone. A mainstay for many years, and the classic ingredient in many late 50's groups. But except for a couple noted players like Jimi Hendrix, the Strat almost seemed to fall out of favor in the late sixties, possibly due to the cost cutting measures CBS put in place when they bought Fender in 1965. The Strat was so out of favor that in 1971, Eric Clapton was able to buy "those old things" in the back of the store for less than 100 dollars a piece. Giving one each to Pete Townshend and Stevie Winwood, Clapton combined the other three into one super guitar, his "Blackie." The start has never looked back since.

Guitar Models

American Vintage- 1982 (10 Guitars)
American Series- 1986 (7 Guitars)
Artist- 1992 (19 Guitars)
Deluxe- 1997 (8 Guitars)
Classic- 1999 (6 Guitars)
American Special- 2003 (2 Guitars)
American Deluxe- 2004 (9 Guitars)
Standard- 2005 (11 Guitars)
Highway One- 2006 (2 Guitars)
American Standard- 2008 (2 Guitars)
Road Worn- 2009 (2 Guitars)
Special Edition- 2004 (7 Guitars)

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