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Telecaster Guitars

Telecaster Guitars
From its roots in the Broadcaster and later the Esquire, the Telecaster became the first solid body electric guitar to catch on with musicians. With its simple slab-body design, the Telecaster proved easy and inexpensive to produce for Fender. From its introduction in 1951 as a two-pickup model with maple neck and ash body, the Telecaster has never been out of production, making it the Grand Daddy of all solid-body electric guitars.

Guitar Models

Artist- (8 Guitars)
American Series- 1985 (8 Guitars)
American Vintage- 1990 (8 Guitars)
Deluxe- 1997 (2 Guitars)
Classic- 1999 (8 Guitars)
Highway One- 2000 (2 Guitars)
Special Edition- 2003 (5 Guitars)
American Deluxe- 2004 (4 Guitars)
Standard- 2006 (1 Guitar)
Vintage Hot Rod- 2007 (1 Guitar)
American Standard- 2008 (2 Guitars)
Road Worn- 2009 (1 Guitar)



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