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EB-1 Guitars

EB-1 Guitars
In 1953, about 2 years after Fender released the Precision Bass, Gibson fired back with their first entry into the Bass market with a violin-shaped model; they called it the Gibson Electric Bass. This bass had a shorter scale (30.5") than the competing Fender Precision Bass. The bass incorporated a single pick up which was placed near the neck, banjo Kluson style tuners and f holes painted on the body. In an effort to attract upright bass players, the Electric Bass also had a telescopic end pin. The bass was constructed from mahogany. The alnico pickup had a brown cover to match the wood.

This bass was renamed to EB-1 in 1958, the same year Gibson also introduced the EB-2. The EB-1 did not fare as well, and was discontinued as a model by 1959. In late 1969, Gibson reintroduced the EB-1 with humbucking pickups, Chrome Bridge and standard right angled tuners. This resurrection of this model was discontinued in 1972.



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