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Gibson Custom Shop Guitars

Gibson Custom Shop Guitars
Using a combination of traditional hand craftsmanship and modern technology, the luthiers of the Custom Shop painstakingly reproduce the key elements that define cool, vintage instrument: stunning looks, flawless playability, and unsurpassed tone. Solid mahogany back, historically accurate long neck tenon for superior strength and sustain, period correct neck profiles, hardware and electronics, and 100% nitrocellulose lacquer are all part of any Gibson Custom Shop guitar.

Gibson Custom Shop Series

Inspired By- 2008 (19 Guitars)
Artist Signature Collection- (41 Guitars)
Explorer- (4 Guitars)
Firebird- (2 Guitars)
Flying V- 2000 (16 Guitars)
Les Paul- (61 Guitars)
Les Paul Custom- (29 Guitars)
Les Paul Junior- 1954 (5 Guitars)
Les Paul Special- (10 Guitars)
SG- (17 Guitars)


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