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Marauder Guitars

Marauder Guitars
In the mid-seventies, Gibson needed a new, entry-level model to compete with the influx of much less expensive Japanese instruments. The Marauder was Gibson's answer, and while not what one would consider cheap, it certainly lowered the price on a Gibson electric. The Marauder was launched concurrently with Grabber Bass and shared some of its cost cutting features. Both had controls and pickups assembled onto the pickguard; an easier production method than mounting electrics into the guitars themselves. Both had bolt on maple necks and alder bodies. These woods helped Gibson reduce the price from Gibson's traditional Mahogany. It is interesting to note that alder was the primary wood in the Stratocaster, Gibson's main American rival. Gibson borrowed further from Fender with its choice of placing an angled single coil pickup at the bridge.



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