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Epiphone Guitars

Epiphone Guitars
Epiphone's roots go back to 1873, and Anastasios Stathopoulos' home-built instruments made in his native Turkey. Stathopoulos immigrated to the US in 1903, changing his name to Stathopoulo. He died in 1915, and his son Epaminondas carried on with the House of Stathopoulo, which he incorporated in 1923.

In 1924, the House of Stathopoulo debuted a new line of banjos, the Epiphone Recording Banjo. The company changed its name to the Epiphone Banjo Company in 1928.

Epaminondas dies in 1943, and his two sons took over the company. In 1951, labor troubles caused production to move from New York to Philadelphia.

Gibson bought Epiphone in 1957, and moved production to Kalamazoo in 1958. Gibson moved all Epiphone production to Japan, for a more budget line not in direct competition with the parent company. Production was again moved in 1983, this time to Korea.

Guitar Models

Acoustics- 1928 (78 Guitars)
AJ, Classical, DR, EJ, EL, Emperor, FT, PR, Resonator
Electric Acoustic- 1935 (66 Guitars)
Dot, EA, EJ, Emperor, Riviera, Sheraton, Sorrento, Zephyr
Solid Body- 1958 (105 Guitars)
ET, Explorer, Firebird, Flying V, G, Les Paul
Bass- 1959 (6 Basses)
Banjos- 2000 (2 Banjos)
Mandolins- 2000 (4 Mandolins)

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